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The portable scale comprises weighing pads that are suitable for weighing two wheels of an axle. A set of two pads therefore shall weigh one axle and with more sets multiple axles can be weighed at the same time.

Axle weighing range: 20.000kg-40000kg
Dimensions: 6000mm long X 3000mm widex280mm high
Display: LCD 13mm high, Single and double axle display
Accuracy: Static +- 0.3% FS and Dynamic +_1%FS
No. of load cells: Multiple load cells in the weigh pad
Velocity: 3-km/h
Use Temperature Range: 10-60C
Relative humidity: 90%
Cables: Included

The pad has multiple load cells integrated in a slim structure with light weight of less than 20kg per pad, designed to withstand vehicle impacts and protected against water ingress.

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