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Bytronics CargoSOFT software is a software designed for managing weighing of imported and exported products in a warehouse.  The software runs on a personal digital assistant (PDA) that is used by the user to record weight and other details of the product either being received in the warehouse or being prepared for dispatch. The data recorded in the personal digital assistant (PDA) is automatically transmitted to a webserver via the wireless local network(WLAN) for generation of reports by the management.


  • Back-end Platform – Microsoft Internet Information Services back-end web-server with data storage handled by Microsoft SQL server database
  • Mobile Platform – Windows mobile and Android in development
  • Network platform – Wireless Local Network  (WLAN) between the webserver and the personal digital
  • Weight Capture – Captured directly from the weighing scales via Bluetooth

The software comprises of two key modules.

The first module comprises of the webserver application that manages the setup of the master data and stores the transactions made in the warehouse. The webserver runs on Windows Microsoft internet information services (IIS) webserver. The master data includes the users, weighing pallets tare weights , types of weighing among other required master data.   The software periodically synchronizes the masters data with that in personal digital assistants via wireless local network (WLAN) as configured.

The second module comprises of the software that runs on the personal digital assistant (PDA)s.  Currently the windows mobile PDAs are supported but development is underway for the Android platform. The PDAs periodically synchronizes the master data with that in the webserver as configured.  Once the PDA is synchronized, it works offline and does not require continuous connection with the webserver. The software has a facility of capturing weighing transactions. The weight of the products is captured automatically from the weighing scales via the Bluetooth interface.  The transactions recorded are automatically and periodically transmitted to the webserver.

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