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The load-cell cable to the indicator is fitted it in a nylon tube to protect it from mechanical damage and secured at the two ends such for the nylon tube takes tension should there be some pulling. The type of indicator will depend on application. It can be one with either rechargeable battery or one powered directly from the Mains. The enclosure may also be stainless steel or other with varying degrees of protection.

  • Fully welded type with removable top cover
  • Overload protection of load cell
  • Fabricated from mild steel sections and plates with an option of top stainless steel cover
  • Is fitted with single point load cells.
  • Capacities range from 100kg to 300kg
  • Dimensions of the platforms range from 450mm x 450mm to 800mm x 800mm.
  • Finished with epoxy paint or hammer finish
  • Fitted with a digital indicator

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