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Bytronics mboopSOFT (Mobile Back office Order Processing System ) software is a software designed for accepting and processing orders from the customers.  The orders are posted via the web client application accessed via the internet either through a desktop computer or a mobile phone/device.

The software is interfaced with Syspro ERP order processing module and can also be integrated with other financial applications. Once the order is posted to the financial system, the rest of the processing such as invoicing is handled from the financial system.

  • Bytronics mboopSOFT (Mobile Back office Order Processing System ) software specifications
  • Back-end Platform – Microsoft Internet Information Services back-end web-server with data storage handled by Microsoft SQL server database
  • Mobile Platform – Windows mobile and Android in development
  • Network platform – Wireless Local Network  (WLAN) between the webserver and the personal digital
  • Integration – option for integrating the software with financial system order processing module. Currently , interface available for Syspro ERP.
  • Security system for providing access and privilege levels for the system users
  • Setting up of products sale details.  There is an option of initial setup of products by retrieving them from the customer’s financial system.
  • Creation of orders from a web interface optimized for mobile phone/device access.
  • Optional posting of orders to the customer’s financial system
  • Printing of managements reports
  • Other custom features can be added upon request by a customer.

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