Weighbridge Specifications

The Weighbridge is  fabricated from universal beams and anti skid mild steel plates which is fitted with 4, 6, or 8 hermetically sealed compression type or beam load cells.The weighbridges capacities range from 40.000 x 10kg to 100.000kg x 20kg. The weighbridge deck dimensions range from 9.000mm to 18.0000mm x 3000mm wide.There are two types of weighbridges either the surface or pit mounted type. The weighbridge is fitted either to a digital indicator with an alphanumeric keyboard and a printer or a simple indicator and a PC loaded with Bytronics WeighSOFT weighbridge weighing software and a printer

 Weighbridges Features

• Weighbridges are fully welded type and modular for ease of handling

• The weighbridges are fitted with service plates at each load cell location for maintenance purposes

• The generation of weighbridge management reports and connection to central computer system when connected to a PC loaded with Bytronics WeighSOFT weighing software and ability to have all transactions stored providing audit trail.

• The weighbridge load cells are built in surge protection tubes and are current calibrated to ensure easy and accurate parallel connection of multiple load cells and are certified to OIML 3000-5000 divisions. Pit mounted weighbridges requires much less space but must be provided with drainage and the civil works is much more expensive.  However a surface mounted weighbridges  requires much more space, as ramps are required on either side of the approach and departure.

Weighbridge powered by Bytronics WeighSOFT weighing software

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