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Kingsoft Office 2009 Pro : 100 days Trial

 Free Download Kingsoft Office 2009 Professional: Trial 100 days


Kingsoft Office 2009 Professional : Seven Key Features

Compatible with all formats of Microsoft Office back to front, utilises browser window the tab; General Google integration available;Equipment products Kingsoft Office 2009 Professionalbeautiful series of molds;Export as PDF file; Send files fast  just finished composing email;encryption option when saving...

Besides,storage file installed by Kingsoft Office (KSO) 2009 Professional collapse was only 48.29 MB. KSO is compatible with all Windows(including Vista)

Seven outstanding features of Kingsoft Office (KSO ) in 2009 Professional include:


  1. Support Docx:Support the  2007 file format Docx, it can open *.Docx file
  2.  Browse by window tabs: feature extremely useful this helps you switch between the windows of text,spreadsheets,slideshows quickly and conveniently than when simultaneously open multiple windows.
  3. Integration of pre-Google search: When you need to search for information,data,image.... necessary for the needs editing text,designing spreadsheets,or file a slide show,you must open the browser to Google search pages anymore,because the interface of the program has embedded the Google search.
  4. Many template designs available: You certainly remember the OfficeReady Pro 4.0, a program providing more than 400 tempalte options to you? Not so much,but KSO 2009 is available a template is quite nice.
  5. Export as PDF file: No need to add any other software for KSO 2009 provides more options for you to create a file as PDF.
  6. Encrypted before saving: There's no time you go with (in menu Tool>Options>Security), in the Save as window of each application are pre-attached Encrypt command button allows you to encrypt the saved files found need.
  7. Send files fast via email:Send files fast via email: On the toolbar of the application icon out a remarkable help you quickly send files to others using Outlook Express, a browser or e-mail different default.

Besides the seven outstanding features, the three applications of KSO 2009 Pro all inherit most important featurseo  Microsoft Office 2003. More speed restart quickly. Therefor ,KSO 2009 Pro is a worthy choice.

By compatibility of KSO 2009 Pro is very good, so you can you can use three parallel applications KSO 2009 Pro with Microsoft Office without problems.

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