Mobile Applications

Bytronics Computers Limited   provides solutions in  mobile applications. Some of the products that Bytronics has developed include a Mobile Stock Take software and  a Mobile Sales Subscription Service that is going to be launched soon. These applications uses the personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Mobile Stock Take Software

The Mobile Stock Take Software is designed to assist the stocktaking. The software is targeted for retail-outlets  such as supermarkets among others.  In order to reap benefits utilising this software it is  recommended that the personal digital assistant being used to perform stock take have a scanner and the  stock items are bar-coded.

The  Stock  Take software is web-based  and is launched in a Personal digital assistant. The process of stock taking involve intitialization of the stock take which  is performed on a desktop. The personal digital assistant utilizes either WiFi  router or GSM/GPRS to send the stock  data to the Central Server.

The Stock Take software allows stocktaking using several PDAs at the same time. The software is ideal for stocktaking  for stores  located in a remote site.

M-Seller: Mobile Sales Manager
The mobile sales  application  has been developed to provide service to distributors and sales men. The service  provides  cashless transactions among others.




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