Store Management

Tobacco Warehouse Management Software


Tobacco Warehouse Management System


• Operating Environment
  -Web based application hosted on Microsoft Internet Services web server running    under Microsoft Windows 2003 server
  -Microsoft SQL 2000 database

• Sub-systems

  -PC resident - tobacco transactions modules
  -Automation of the weighing process by direct capture of weight data to the PC,    automatic control of   the conveyor systems and guiding the weighing operator       using pilot lights designated to the various weighing processes
• Recording of tobacco containers tags information  by scanning the bar-coded       information using a barcode scanner

• Adding and updating of masters data that includes tobacco related parameters     (grades, grade types etc), storage locations (Stores, Store types, plants etc),   etc

• Adding and updating of storage configuration that include grade, storage     container (pallet or carton), row and column.

• System security management that includes adding and removal of users, setting     of security access rights and changing of passwords

• System changes audit   that includes tracking of transactions records added,     modified and users login activity.

• Processing of the tobacco transactions and generating the following tobacco   handling authorization documents: -
                  - Requisition note
                  - Receiving note
                  - Inter store dispatch note
                  - Inter row transfers notes
                  - Reclassification note
                  - Storage note
                  - Issue notes
                  - Export dispatch note
                  - Factory dispatch note
                  - Tobacco sorting note
                  - Tobacco re-grading note
                  - Tobacco stores stock taking note
                  - Non-tobacco stores stock taking note
                  - Packing note
• Production of periodic tobacco management reports that includes tobacco stock   balances for any period among other reports

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