Dime Scales

Dime Weighing  Scale

The weighing scale is applicable in the courier services industry as it gives the weight and volume of a rectangular parcel, compares the two and selects the mode of charging whether by weight or volume.

Dime Weighing Scale Specifications

• Fabricated from mild steel sections and plates with an option of top stainless steel cover

• Is fitted with a single point load cell.

• Capacity of 300kg x 0.1kg

• Dimensions of the platform are 600mm x 800mm.

• Finished with epoxy paint or hammer finish

• Fitted with a digital indicator

• Fitted with ultrasonic sensors

• The connection to the PC is through RS232C serial ports.

Dime Weighing Scale Features

• Fully welded type with removable top cover

• Overload protection of load cell

• Stores data and produces management reports

• Eliminates dimension measurement errors experienced with manual measurement

• Can be interfaced with the organisation’s central computer system

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