Bytronics Computers Limited
Concrete Batch Weighers

Automated Concrete Batch Weigher

The accurate weighing of cement, sand and ballast is very important if concrete of correct strength is constantly achieved.   Bytronics has automated a customers concrete batching system.

The manual system comprised of the following: -
• Two silos for sand with manually operated gates
• Two silos for ballast with manually operated gates
• Two silos for cement with cement pumps
• A weighing hopper for both sand and ballast
• A weighing hopper for cement
• A bucket conveyor for either ballast and sand

The new automated concrete batch weigher system comprises of the following: -

• All the above equipment
• Replacement of the levers with pneumatic cylinders and solenoid valves
• Replacement of digital weight indicators with Rice Lake 920i indicator
• Control panel with necessary relays, pilot lamps etc for control of the equipment through 920i indicator
• Two radio transceivers for transfer of weight data from the indicator to a PC located about 50meters from the batch - weigher.
• PC resident software [Bytronics batchSOFT ] to give  management reports.


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