Milk Receiving Scales

 Milk Receiving Weighing Scales

Milk receiving weighing scales are special scales in the dairy industry.  the milk receiving weighing scale comprises either one weighing vat for a single compartment scale or two weighing vats in a double compartment one, drain valves, the load-cells and a digital indicator as the basic components mounted on a frame.The opening of the drain valves can either be manual or automatic.  A PC based software in Windows environment and coupled with appropriate hardware has been developed that opens and closes the drain valves among other functions.  This system is recommended in situations where cheating by operators is rampant.  It also has the advantage of providing management reports about the operations.

Milk Receiving Weighing Scales

Milk Receiving Weighing Scale Specifications

- Comprise of two single or double compartment vats fabricated from stainless steel plates mounted on a stainless steel frame

- The vat is fitted with a drain valve operated by a pneumatic cylinder

- Is fitted with stainless steel beam type load cells with tank mounts

- Capacity of each  vat 150kg -300kg x 0.1kg

- Fitted with a digital indicator with stainless steel enclosure

- The connection of the two weighing vats to the PC is through RS232C serial ports.

- Fitted with pilot lamps controlled through a I/O interface board

Milk Receiving Weighing Scale Features

- Ability to operate the two weighing vats by one operator

- Stores data and produces management reports

- Approved for trade by Weights and Measures authority.

- Can be interfaced with the organisation’s central computer system

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