Batch Weigher Software

Batch Weighing Indicator 920i Batch Weigher Software  Features

•  Operating Environment

   PC Based Sub System
   Microsoft Windows XP
   Microsoft SQL 2000 database

   Batching Indicator Sub System
   Batching indicator custom resident operating system

• Multi-Machines configurations

• Configuration for the three batching products (e.g Sand, Ballast and Cement). The configuration includes set points, associated outputs   and inputs for controlling opening and closing of hopper gates and starting of silos motors

• Recording the user performing the batching processing by forcing the user to key in user name and      password   before allowing the starting of a batching process.

• Automation of the batching process by checking the weight against the configured set points and operating the hopper gates and silo motors accordingly and displaying the batching information on the indicator screen.

• Setting the user login information via the PC and sending the same wirelessly to the batching weight indicator

• Setting the products database parameters via the PC and sending the same wirelessly to the batching weight indicator

• Capturing the products batching information and sending the same wirelessly to the PC

• PC resident system security management that includes adding and removal of users, setting of security access rights and changing of passwords

• Periodic management reports based on the batching transactions received from the batching digital indicator.

• Optional interfacing of the batching transactions with the customer’s ERP system

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