Bytronics Computers Limited: Kingsoft Office 2009 Pro

Kingsoft Office 2009 ProKingsoft Office 2009 which is unrivaled compatibility with Microsoft Office® (include 2007 version),Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Use and it has 10,000,000 + Active Users . It is fast, small size, fully MS Office® compatible office system with reasonable price to reduce the budget.

Kingsoft Office 2009 ProKSOffice already have over 20 years experience to develop Office software, and even some small functions, KSOffice is same with MS office. It has completely familiar user interface. Also is compatible to redevelopment of MSOffice. It already has lots of global customers like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and so on.

This office software suite includes the following :


Kingsoft Office Writer: Writer is the compact, office compatible all in one document creation system for business. It’s an advanced document platform, completely compatible using standard interfaces, buttons, windows and menus. Delivering a zero learning curve experience for people already familiar with Office applications.

Kingsoft Office Spreadsheets:
Formulas can be created and edited with no difference in layout or operation. KSO09's Extended functionality provides cell autocompletion, tabbed windows, advanced charting and PDF export functionality, compatible with your current documents all included. KSO09 is the choice for offices needing fast and accurate data on a wide range of PC specifications.

Kingsoft Office Presentation:When creating, opening or modifying PowerPoint™ slides, Kingsoft Presentation's compatibility and speed allow business to get things done quickly, simply and much more cost-efficient than ever before. Demos, meetings and presentations, Kingsoft Office 2009 provides the first opportunity for business to migrate existing systems leading to huge savings.

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