Barcode Label Creator Software

Barcode Label Creator SoftwareThe Barcode Label Software is used for creating of barcode labels. The software is hosted on Microsoft Internet Services web server, running under Microsoft SQL 2000 database.  The software is easy to use, efficient, provides convenience and is affordable. The software provides configuration of creating various type of labels. In addition, the software has audit of the labels creation, editing, printing and deletions actions. The software also has other standard features like security and printing of reports.

newObjects Label ActiveXThe Barcode Label Software requires the newObjects Active Label ActiveX installed in the client machine. The newObjects Active Label Activex licences includes the license for Active Label Browser. Thus  the  ActiveX license allows full usage of Label software on a single machine.

The newObjects Active Label ActiveX can be purchased at the newObjects Label ActiveX website . In order  to test  the Barcode Label Software you  can download a trial version of newObjects Active Label ActiveX. The product purchase information can be found on the new Objects Label ActiveX purchase Information page.Once you install the newObjects Label ActiveX component in your client machine you can proceed to the Barcode Label Software Demo Page.

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