Weighbridge Weighing Software

Weighbridge Management System: Bytronics Weigh SOFT-Weighbridge

Bytronics WeighSOFT-Weighbridge SoftwareThis version of Bytronics WeighSOFT is developed specifically for weighbridges. Vehicles carrying various products for the customer  pass over the weighbridge to be weighed to ensure that the weight shown on the delivery notes tally with the weighed weight. The vehicle is weighed twice and the net weight is computed. A ticket with the weighing details is printed. The weighing software,which is multi-user,captures information at the weighbridges and stores the same in the Microsoft2000 SQL server database at the central server. In addition to producing a ticket for every weighing,the weighbridge software has the facility of printing management reports.

Weighbridge Weighing Software  Features

• Operating Environment
  oMicrosoft Windows XP,Vista,Windows 7
  oMicrosoft SQL 2000 /2005/2008 database

• The weighbridge software can be configured for either single weighbridge or  for  multiple weighbridges

•The weighbridge software is multi-user and is  configurable for usage on WAN terminal services environment

• The weighbridge weighing process is automated for direct capture of weight data to the PC

• Adding and updating of masters data that includes suppliers, transporters, products, etc

• The weighbridge software  security management  includes adding and removal of users, setting of security access rights and changing of passwords

• The weighbridge system provides  changes audit   that includes tracking of transactions records added, modified and users login activity.

• Processing of the weighbridge transactions and generating a ticket for the supplier or transporter.

• Production of weighbridge management reports
• Optional interfacing of the weighbridge transactions with the customer’s ERP system
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