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Bytronics Computers Limited: Refog Employee Monitor
Are you sure that your employees use their time and available computer resources in the most effective manner? Do you trust that they do not misuse your trade secrets and confidential information? Address lack of employee productivity and protect your company from disloyalty with REFOG Employee Monitor software Employees perform better under constant supervision.
Bytronics Computers Limited: Antamedia Medical Software
Antamedia Medical Billing software is the complete solution for efficient, reliable and modern managing of your clinic, hospital or medical practice

Antamedia Medical Billing software is the complete solution for efficient, reliable and modern managing of your clinic, hospital or medical practice. It's all-in-one software with appointment scheduling, electronic patient records, managed care control, billing and profit control, management expenses, detailed reports, statistical information, database of provided examinations and services. Medical software is suitable for all types and sizes of medical care institutions allowing easy operation in one or more offices located in different city areas. Support for multiple security levels provides ability to organize access rights and available data for doctors, technicians and stuff

Bytronics Shopping CartBytronics Computers Ltd also trading as Bytronics Weigh Scales is a leading systems integrator specializing in mobile and weighing systems in East and Central Africa.

Bytronics Weigh Scales is a division of Bytronics Computers Limited. The latter was incorporated in May 1991, but became operational in January 1992. The objectives among others being to provide computer consultancy and training.


Bytronics Computers Limited:Testimonials
Bytronics Testimonial(abm logo)...'Bytronics WeighSOFT a weighbridge software was installed and immediately the manangement of the weighbridge improved tremedously'...

Benard B. Njoroge

HR & Admin Manager

Associated Batteries Manufacturers (EA) Ltd.
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 Brookside Dairy Limited.... 'Bytronics with its qualified and dedicated staff have developed quality products- custom weighing software that has integrated well with our systems' ....


 O.B. Ayim


Brookside Dairy Limited

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 Brookside Dairy Limited Testimonial

Bytronics Computers Limited:Testimonials
Bytronics Computers Limited: Wireless Weighing Scales
This is a system that comprises any  wireless enabled weighing scale and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) .Through appropriate software weight data is wirelessly captured into the PDA.   The data could be sent to central computer system through Wi-Fi or GSM/GPRS if the PDA is equipped with these features.The application is suitable in milk, tea, or tobacco industry for collection of farm produce, in factory and in store management.
Bytronics Computers Limited: Weighbridge Software

Bytronics WeighSOFT-Weighbridge is a weighbridge management system. Vehicles carrying various products for the customer  pass over the weighbridge to be weighed to ensure that the weight shown on the delivery notes tally with the weighed weight. The vehicle is weighed twice and the net weight is computed. A ticket with the weighing details is printed. The weighing software,which is multi-user,captures information at the weighbridges and stores the same in the Microsoft2000 SQL server database at the central server. In addition to producing a ticket for every weighing,the weighbridge software has the facility of printing management reports.


Bytronics Computers Limited: Milk Weighing Scales
Milk receiving weighing scales are special scales in the dairy industry. the milk receiving weighing scale comprises either one weighing vat for a single compartment scale or two weighing vats in a double compartment one, drain valves, the load-cells and a digital indicator as the basic components mounted on a frame.The opening of the drain valves can either be manual or automatic. A PC based software in Windows environment and coupled with appropriate hardware has been developed that opens and closes the drain valves among other functions. This system is recommended in situations where cheating by operators is rampant. It also has the advantage of providing management reports about the operations.
Electronic Suspended Scales

Our scales are suitable for collection of farm produce from farmers and in particular in the tobacco, tea and dairy industries.


Bytronics Computers Limited: Electronic Platform Scales

Our electronic platform scales are fabricated from mild steel sections and plates with an option of top either stainless steel or non skid cover.


Bytronics Computers Limited: Kingsoft Office 2009 Pro

Kingsoft Office 2009 ProKingsoft Office 2009 which is unrivaled compatibility with Microsoft Office® (include 2007 version),Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Use and it has 10,000,000 + Active Users . It is fast, small size, fully MS Office® compatible office system with reasonable price to reduce the budget.

Kingsoft Internet Security 9+
Buy Kingsoft Internet Security 9 PlusKingsoft Internet Security 9 + (KIS 9+) is an advanced anti-virus and security software specifically designed for always on Internet computers. It contains anti-virus, anti-malware, and personal firewall. Find and fix rootkits, spyware, trojans, virus and malware infections. This is the absolute best value in Internet security on the market today. Read more...

Bytronics Computers Limited: Employee PC Activity Monitor
Imonitor EAM Standard Edition is an application for real time network computer monitoring and content filtering, and for employees' work time tracking. Imonitor EAM Standard Edition has the following features...

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